Have you ever wished you could meet someone “famous”? I know I have. I know everyone I know has. Most of the times, though, our “dream person” is either utterly unreachable (Lady Gaga in my case) or dead (Audrey Hepburn, James Dean). Karen Alloy has the chance to meet THE ONE person in the entertainment industry she looks up to, which happens to be Conan O’Brien! The difference with Karen is that she’s got us KarenMonsters to support her dream and it’s actually kind of easy to achieve — all we have to do is spam the hell out of him on Twitter, ’cause he happens to be going to Minneapolis soon.

Karen’s goal is to get him to visit her and film a piece of work together (YouTube video, BlogTV webcast). We’ve been hanging out on BlogTV

So there! Conan O’Brien, if you’re reading this, watch Karen’s video! SHE HAS AN EMMY!!!

If you want to support, tweet @ConanOBrien on Twitter telling him to watch @KarenAlloy’s video! Be creative so it doesn’t look like spam (even though it is). And don’t forget to include the soon-to-be-trending-topic hashtag, #conanandkaren!
P.S. We won’t give up, Conan, so you better go visit her!

Official Cause Website – http://conanandkaren.blogspot.com/
Become a Fan on Facebook! – http://bit.ly/conanandkaren


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