It took place this past weekend in Casco Viejo (Panama City, Panama). What an experience.

The whole Plaza Herrera was transformed into a sick art show. I loved it. Paintings and photographs all over the place, F-A-S-H-I-O-N, DJ’s playing awesome music, drinks, great vibe… Ah, does it get any better? Certainly it DOES! On Friday, after the fashion show was over, the panamanian band Cienfue took over the stage and absolutely KILLED it! Now, I had never seen them live but according to my friends this was probably one of their best performances. The music was just, wow; the public was thrilled, you could feel the energy. That’s what I love about concerts. So many people in sync…
I was in the front row so I got to take some good shots, check them out:

Click the pictures for more shots in HQ.

After the band was done playing my friend Jo-Ann (who apparently is Cienfue’s niece) guided me and my friends backstage to meet Camilo Navarro (that’s also the name he goes by). We got to talk to him, tell him we’re his obsessive compulsive Twitter fans and we even got to take pictures with him!

He was really nice to all of us, and apparently he liked the pictures I took, too! Plus, he didn’t seem freaked out after meeting his personal stalkers so that’s good! Haha.

Moving on, Saturday night was just as fun! We got there early and even though some friends had trouble getting to the festival (apparently they wouldn’t let minors in), they didn’t even bother to ask us for any type of ID. We had planned to pretend we were international students from Tallahassee in case they did, but that wasn’t necessary.
Bumped into people, saw some of the fashion shows. Gotta say, there was this one designer who practically thought he was Alexander McQueen. Not cool. Just because he’s dead doesn’t mean you can just go ahead and copy him.

When the shows were over, a random (yet really AWESOME) DJ did his thing for a while, then Señor Loop (another panamanian band) got on stage and performed what apparently was a police intervention…
Yeah, the cops showed up and tried to stop the concert before it even started. It was so odd. But they played like 3 songs anyway, ’cause they’re such rebels. I hadn’t even heard of that band until earlier that day, but it was a really good show, love their work. And luckily they played the only song I had looked up on YouTube haha. They also played a new, unreleased song which was pretty neat if you ask me. Then they announced a concert in the beach that I’m DEFINITELY attending, and that was it for the MACRO Fest.

It was a really cool event in general, Panama needs more of this! It’s good for young artists to expose their work, and it’s just… Something different. Panama could use a bit of ”different” every once in a while, don’t you think?


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